Precast Concrete

Our Precast Concrete Division, helmed by SPC Industries Sdn Bhd ("SPC"), is dedicated to manufacturing top-notch concrete products needed for any construction and building project.

We have two production plants – one in Ulu Choh, Johor, and the other in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan – that produce a range of standard and customised concrete products, to meet large-scale infrastructure and building projects throughout Malaysia and Singapore. Be assured that our products have gone through stringent quality control procedures, conforming to the relevant authorities and approved standards issued by SIRIM as well as TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd (formerly known as PSC Corporation Pte Ltd).

Below are some of our precast concrete products used in the infrastructure sector or as part of building components:

Product: Reinforced Pre-Cast Concrete Box Culverts And U-shape Drain
Application: Construction of tunnels, open drains and sumps and are designed for waterways where an open channel is necessary

Product: Reinforced Concrete Pipes Culverts

Application: Conceal drainage and sewerage application

Product: Reinforced Concrete Manholes

Application: Maintenance of underground sewerage and drainage systems

Product: Reinforced Concrete L-Shape Retaining Walls

Application: Construction of retaining walls, open drains and storage walls

Product: Reinforced Concrete Square Piles

Application: Building foundation

Product: Reinforced Concrete Jacking Pipes

Application: Drainage and sewerage system installation using tunnelling technology

Product: Reinforced Pre-Cast Concrete Tunnel Lining Segments

Application: Underground train and sewerage tunnels

Product: Reinforced Pre-Cast Concrete Cladding Pipes
Application: Steel pipes which are cladded with concrete to act as weight or protective layer to be submerge into the sea bed or using tunnel technology for the transfer of drinking water

Product: Reinforced Pre-Cast Concrete Jetty Component

Application: Construction of jetty

Product: Segmental Box Girder

Application: Construction of superstructure for highway flyovers and for elevated structures of light rail transport bridges.

Product: Tunnel Lining Segment

Application: Providing precast concrete tunnel lining to underground tunnelling projects, according to specific requirements.

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