Industrial Building Systems

Here at Kimlun, innovation and improvement are what we strive for, constantly exploring ways to improve efficiency, reduce material wastage, and shorten delivery timelines. This is why the company takes Industrial Building Systems (IBS) very seriously.

Why IBS?

IBS is an improved system of construction that uses industrial production techniques either in the production of components or assembly of buildings, or both. One of these techniques is the utilisation of standardised forms of precast concrete and prefabricated steel structures in construction works – it's basically the industrial production of components through prefabrication. The system also involves offsite, and to a lesser extent, on-site, mass production of building components.

This system of construction allows for a more efficient and cost effective construction cycle because the precast concrete and prefabricated steel structures for each individual project are customised and standardised. Other notable benefits included greater consistency as well as improvement of quality in the fabrication of these structures. These precast concrete and prefabricated steel structures are particularly useful for high rise buildings or mass housing estates where a similar structure can be replicated numerous times. In the simplest of words, the adoption of IBS gives you shortened construction period, lower costs and better construction quality.

With all the benefits, Kimlun is moving towards being a full-fledged IBS builder:

View our video on IBS:

We are proud to have our business development plan evolve over the past few years from a construction and engineering services provider to include downstream support activities via a dedicated precast concrete manufacturing division.

We have initiated an IBS unit to spearhead our IBS design consulting services. At present, our IBS Department provides design and build services for IBS projects. Our IBS Department personnel have experience in design, fabrication and installation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings using IBS.