Our Profile

What we do at Kimlun Group is quite straightforward: we are basically your one-stop solution for all things engineering and construction related, capable of providing a comprehensive and integrated range of concrete products and engineering and construction services to our customers.

Engineering and Construction Solutions

Being an engineering and construction services provider – that strives to exceed expectations – we specialise in infrastructure and building construction, project management, Industrial Building Systems (IBS) and manufacture of concrete products.

Our Group's businesses are divided into three segments, namely:

  • Engineering and Construction Services
  • Concrete Products Manufacturing
  • Property Development

As we constantly seek different avenues and solutions, Kimlun Group is also involved in property development and trading in construction and building materials.

Quality Assurance: Past, Present and Future

Our humble beginnings could be traced to Kimlun Earthworks Sdn. Bhd., which was incorporated on 21 October 1977. From our initial business of undertaking building construction and infrastructure projects with contract value less than RM20 million each, we have since 2003, expanded our construction services to larger scale building and infrastructure construction, and heavy engineering work such as flyovers and interchanges.

Over the years – with continuous hard work and relentless efforts in improving ourselves – Kimlun Group has elevated its reputation in the construction industry. So much so that we have been involved several prestigious projects, such as these.

The Group manufacturing arm has also grown significantly over the years and has expanded its product range ranging from pre-mix concrete to pre-cast concrete products to meet the demand of infrastructure and building construction in both the Malaysia and Singapore markets. To date, our precast manufacturing plants are able to produce a comprehensive range of concrete products for use in the infrastructure and building sectors.

We are passionate in what we do, on a constant journey to being reliable, competitive and innovative. And at the heart of it all is a belief that our customer's needs shall always be our priority.